Springtime & SPF

While you should absolutely be committed to wearing SPF ALL YEAR LONG, with the appearance of spring in Michigan (or what is starting to look like the appearance of spring) here are a few reminders!

1. It does NOT have to be hot to burn! Regardless of the temperature outside, UV Radiation is present. You can damage your skin in winter just as easily! According to the EPA, the UV rays in April are comparable to August, so protect your skin!

Spring Back! More daylight means more time spent outdoors exposed to the sun. Remember while UVB rays (which contribute to burning) are strongest from 10 to 4, UVA rays (which contribute to wrinkles and skin cancers) are present ALL THE TIME- so cover up!

ATD has an SPF to suit every type of skin. Beaubien Beauty (pictured) doubles as a matte bb cream with an SPF 50! Also available are Sunset Point (SPF 30) and iS Clinical's Eclipse (SPF 50) & Extreme Protect (SPF 30 and doubles as a moisturizer and contains anti-aging components that help with fine lines and wrinkles).

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We cannot wait to see you all again when we reopen!